League of United Sectors

The League of United Sectors (LUS), often known as the League, is a collection of 22 star systems, each with their own government, culture, laws, and religion, but who have joined themselves together under one organization to provide for mutual protection and to generate greater cooperation between friendly worlds. The League’s capital is found on Terra which is also the homeworld of the human race which were the originators of the League, and its combined military force is known as the United Stellar Command (USC). Besides the Humans, there are six other major contributor races to the League: the Dwarves, the Elves, the Halflings, the Concubus, the Hircus, and the Mikoto. These races provide the majority of the defensive capability of the League with the majority of the USC’s recruits originating from these races.

Major Contributing Races:
Concubus of Cobilli
Dwarves of Dwevelos II
Elves of Aladris
Florans of Flauntus IV
Humans of Terra
Mikoto of Muna Prime
Vidreans of Vidra
Vulpin of Vulpus

Minor Contributing Races:
Arbor Qi of Arbora
Dhampir of Dekos Mortus
Geists of Gestallan Gamma
Gnomes of the G-nome Synthesis Worlds
Halflings of Hallos Prime
Hircus of Hircus Volantis
Irotori of Isis II
Kreen of Kristalis Ka
Lapine of El-ahrairah
Mousefolk of Mus
Nekos of Neko Rio
Nescerei of Cirrus Omegaa
Phoelarchs of Pheonos
Selachinoids of Selachin

In the Terran Year 2194, a human named Hermann Schole created the first working example of what would eventually be called a Warp Dynamo. Harnessing the power of a little-understood type of energy found in dark space called the transwarp. This first journey at a faster-than-light speed trough dark space unlocked the reality of the galaxy to mankind as it could now expand out into space. In 2204, the Terran High Council created a fleet of starships equipped with improved versions of these warp dynamos, and gave them a simple mission: to reach out into the surrounding galaxy in search of knowledge.

It was not long before these Terran ships would drop out of warp over worlds that were also teaming with life, and whose technology was almost as advanced as that of the humanity itself.

2214- After ten years of construction, the USC fleet is finished.

2222- Humans have the first discovery of an alien race, the Dwarves. Peaceful relations are formed instantly.

2224- Humans make contact with the Elves.

2225- Humans discover halflings, and aid them in their relocation.

2231- Humans discover the Vidreans.

2234- Humans discover the Concubus.

2236- Humans discover the Mikoto.

2254- Humans discover the Dhampir, an event that is known as the Dropsite Massacre happens and small conflicts occur.

2255- Conflict with Dhampir ends with a truce and alliance and need for interstellar protective body is perceived.

2257- The League of United Sectors is formed. All previously discovered races join the League ending with the Dhampir.

2260- The Lapine are discovered and join the League

2272- The Nekos are discovered and join the League

2275- The League discovers the Hircus, but they are unwilling to join the League. Later that year, a war broke out with Race Y.

2278- After the defeat of Race Y, the Hircus respect the power of the League and join.

2280- The Florans are discovered and join the League.

2283- The Gnomes are discovered and join the League.

2286- The Irotori are discovered and join the League.

2288- The Vulpin are discovered and join the League.

2291- The Mousefolk are discovered and join the League.

2300- First contact is made with the Korsoun Empire, and initial hostile combat occurrs.

2305- The First Galactic War breaks out between the League and the Korsoun Empire.

2330- The First Galactic War ends, creating peace between the two powers, after the signing of the Treaty of Planet Z.

2352- The Arbor Qui are discovered and join the League.

2362- The Phoelarchs are discovered and join the League.

2403- The Kreen are discovered and join the League.

2433- The Geists are discovered and join the League.

2438- The Nescerei are discovered and join the League.

2488- The Selachinoids are discovered and join the League.

League of United Sectors

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